Advanced system gives full control

At Stora Enso’s paper mill in Kvarnsveden in Borlänge, newspapers and magazine paper are manufactured. More specifically 2000 tons every day, distributed on as many rolls.

“To keep track of the rolls we are dependent on a reliable system”, says Sören Lövgren, responsible for IT at Stora Enso Kvarnsveden.

In the factory all paper rolls have a unique identifier in the form of a bar code. When the roll arrives at the warehouse an automatic scheduling takes place in the system store. When the roll is then loaded for shipment to the customer a camera reads the bar code.

“This is registered in our warehouse system and then the information is forwarded to other business systems e.g. invoicing and production”, says Sören.

Mats Jannes works for Triona in Falun. He has considerable experience of warehouse systems which he’s worked with since the launch in 1990.

“This is completely customized for Stora Enso Kvarnsveden. One can say that it’s changed shape during the course of the year, but the basis is still the same. Mats works with another project for the paper mill – a newly developed mailbox system which is also unique for the customer.

“Different systems send messages between one another and the mailbox system takes care of the information and unzips them”, said Mats.