TRACS Flow makes Order Management flexible and simple

TRACS Flow makes day-to-day work more flexible and simpler for companies working in the transport and construction industries.

TRACS Flow supports business processes and handles everything from agreement/order management and planning to operative management and follow-up/monitoring. Something which came to the attention of amongst others ABT Transport, resulting in a switch from CockPit to TRACS Flow.

The development of TRACS Flow has subsequently proceeded in close cooperation with customers and potential future users. Modern technology has been introduced in each new development stage. Flow is based on a technical platform which doesn’t only make work easier but also means lower procurement and operational costs.

Reduced costs and a more flexible working day

One of the transport companies who have welcomed TRACS Flow is ABT Transport who are based in Rosersberg, Stockholm.

- ”As soon as we saw the first version of TRACS Flow we realized that it would suit us perfectly. The system has many new smart solutions and compared with CockPit which we use today there is also a long list of improvements”, said CEO Pär Söderblom.

The system can be integrated and used together with among other things any business and weighing system. 

- ”TRACS Flow has meant reduced costs for us, at the same time the functionality and user friendliness has become much better. We can eliminate most of the manual work with orders, which reduces our administration”, said Pär

Order management and status updates directly in the mobile phone

- ”For users in the field there is the TRACS Flow application which is in direct contact with the system. Previously, machine- and lorry-divers handled orders and status updates on hand-held pcs, which meant high license costs. Now 300 of ABT’s drivers manage this via the app in their telephones. We are very pleased with TRACS Flow and feel confident that many of our colleagues in the industry will also follow in the future. Triona understand exactly which needs we have”, added Per Söderblom.

Inlandsfrakt also chose TRACS Flow

Triona delivered TRACS Flow mobile solution and add-on modules for material management as well as a internet portal to Inlandsfrakt.