The Coast is Clear for the Norwegian Coastal Administration

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) – Kystverket administers all coastal shipping in Norway. With Triona’s help they now have a system in place which collects all important data related to waterways, as well as a smart map function which is integrated in their existing web application.

The solution which Triona delivered to the NCA is a customization of Triona’s products Transport Network Engine (TNE™) and GeoServer for the presentation of waterway data in an existing web solution, and Novapoint, delivered by Trimble, for the waterway data maintenance. The solution allows data to be tailored to different needs which ensures that the NCA’s interests are considered in planning processes and maintenance work carried out by external actors. The internal work with the waterway network and its related data is also easier when all data is reliably correlated to the network.

"An updated waterway network is of great importance to the NCA. The NCA’s data is used in many different contexts and a system that ensures the topology in the network and data quality is of great importance.” Frode Skjævestad, Kystverket

Triona has also assisted the NCA in completing a new waterway network, prepared the data catalogue and imported linked network data. In addition, work is planned to assure the integration between TNE and the NCA’s existing web application

”By using TNE, we also have a good platform for interaction and collaboration with other government agencies. such as Bane NOR and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, in areas such as Intermodal transport analysis." Frode Skjævestad, Kystverket


Customer: Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA)

Product: Transport Network Engine (TNE)

Solution: A master data system which simplifies the work with waterway data, presentation of data on map, as well as data usage from external actors.

Keywords: Master data, GIS