CockPit moves in at Triona

After many years of being a part of business system supplier IBS’s offering to the haulage industry, the Cockpit business is now a part of Triona.

CockPit is a solution for the management and control of transports used by transport companies and truck service centers all over Sweden. By integrating CockPit with financial systems and mobile solutions the user has been able to connect the traffic management to the whole business flow.

Triona takes over responsibility

To focus the business and ensure continued development of the system, IBS sold CockPit to Triona in the beginning of 2011. The sale means that Triona takes over responsibility for the whole business and the employees who worked with the system.

Triona’s aim is to develop a new version of the transport management system which is based on a modern Microsoft environment. The development will be done in close cooperation with customers.

– ”The transport sector has been one of Triona’s specialties for a long time and with CockPit we will be even stronger”, statedThomas Höjsgaard. “Our plan is to build on the CockPit solution with help of our system platform TRACS and to develop several solutions which satisfy the needs of the transport industry.”

Positive users

Today’s CockPit users are positive about the system being moved to Triona. MaserFrakt, with almost 1300 vehicles and business in Dalarna and Gästrikland is one of them.
– “We have used CockPit since 2001 as a part of our business system from IBS”, said Head of IT Thomas Eklund. Even though it has worked very well we have felt that a technical boost was needed. I believe Triona will solve this in a good way, considering their competence in logistics and map management. Triona’s TRACS is a good platform for building a new generation of CockPit. The system was not really part of IBS’s core business and we were a little worried about the future development. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief. It really feels like the system has found its right place and will live on for a long time.”