Vegviseren and Vegfoto simplify the work on Norway’s roads

Vegviseren (roughly translated to route finder) and Vegfoto (roughly translated to road photo) are mobile applications developed by Triona. The systems give both the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and contractors a common platform for localizing activities and objects on the roads.

The applications are designed so that work on the roads can be carried out easily, quickly, and safely. Today the system is used as the standard platform for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and ca 150 contractors.

With Vegfoto damages and other events can be documented in a simple and safe way while Vegviseren is a common platform which makes it easy to find the way to different locations along the route.

Vegviseren makes it easy to find the right route

Trionas Vegviseren is designed for those who work on and along roads. It shows the continuous position in terms of road references, road names and coordinates.

“Vegviseren is not only used when carrying out road works, but also for locating different positions. If road damage is found the position is registered, which makes it easy to locate when carrying out repairs. Road references can always be seen while driving on the roads. In general, it’s about easily finding different locations along the roads.” says Rune Dragsnes, General Manager at Triona AS.

Vegviseren fetches the NVDB road network data (National Road Database) continuously via Triona’s customized road network database and is therefore always up to date. Only changed data is fetched from the NVDB, so only small amounts of data are transferred on the network.

“We have used Vegviseren in the “bridge inspection” pilot last summer and I give it full marks. We would like to buy a permanent license” Multiconsult ASA

Vegfoto simplifies the documentation of road damages and other events

Just like Vegviseren, Triona Vegfoto is intended for those working on and along the roads. Vegfoto takes images and tags them with road references, coordinates and timestamps.

“The generic benefits with the system is that it’s easy to use and it always works. That is important because many users of the system are not so experienced. The system must be easy to use. Because the work takes place along the roads it’s also important that the system can be used quickly as dangerous situations could arise.”, tells Rune Dragsnes.

Vegfoto uses Vegviseren to continuously fetch network data from the NVDB, and is therefore always current and updated.

“This vegfoto app is really good. I would really like one.” Veidekke Industri AS.